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Merlin's Journey to Master Wandsmith

I am on a journey, a journey to become a master wandsmith.

Trees and stones have been my best friends since childhood. I spent my early life in Vermont, we only had one channel on TV back then, and I lived in the last house on a logging road. I had friends, but more often than not I spent my time with the trees in the forest. After my supportive family constantly found rocks I stashed in my pocket they decided to start going crystal digging. I loved being able to dig through the earth finding (what I thought were) long lost crystals. 

When I was 15 (1995) I started making wands. I quickly learned how much I love making wands of all types, and that others too loved my work. In 2003 I started Merlin's Realm, a business focused on magic wands and wizard wares.  

Since I started crafting in 1st grade, I have learned over 20 different crafts and skills, usually looking for something that would aid in my magic craft. 

I have an ingrained respect for true masters, and I don't feel that the title should come easy. I have met many "so called masters" that are either self proclaimed or were proclaimed by someone else after a short period of training. When I see these people, or witness their skill I feel that they were given the title way to easy. I feel being a master should take time, work, effort and dedication. 

I know that a self proclaimed master is not a true master. But then the question becomes, who can decide someone is a master? Well, not just anyone, to become a master you must be recognized by an existing master, or when one does not exist, a jury of your peers. I do not recognize any existing existing master wandsmiths as true masters because they are self proclaimed. I have decided to petition an application to the Grey School of Wizardry. They have a long course study and are known for not handing out titles unless you put in the time and work. I feel this makes them eligible to deem someone a master wandsmith. 


Since there are no existing standards to becoming a master wandsmith, I am here setting forth the following standards for myself and any who wish to become a master wandsmith. 


Merlin's Master Wandsmith Requirements:

Time: 10,000 hours crafting or designing magic wands. 
(Selling magic wands does not count to this time).

Wood types: Have made wands with more than 30 wood types.
Stones: Have made wands with more than 30 types of stones.

Has Made a Truly Legendary Wand (and sold said wand for over $???)

Can recite 15 stone properties from memory
Can recite 15 wood properties from memory

Provide essay to opening up and activating a wand for personal use or for another. 


Merlin's Master Wandsmith Progress:

Estimated Completion: 2023

Time: 8500 Hours Magic Wand Smithing.
Estimated an average of 500 hours a year, over 17 years. 
If I included jewelry wire-wrapping time in my total I would be well over 10,000 hours. Quoted time also does not include design time. 

Woods:   ???

Stones: ???

Stone properties recited from Memory: To be tested
Wood properties recited from Memory: To be tested 

Truly Legendary Wand: In the process :)