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Owl Wand Story

"I want to share a wand story. A close friend and other half made his transition last weekend. He'd seen me gift wands from Merlin's Realm and one day said he'd like to have one. He loved and valued it, and when he got very sick it's the one item he was sure to take when he had to move to his daughter and son in law's home across the border into another state nearby. She was his only surviving child as he'd lost a son 30+ years ago in a tragic drowning accident.

His daughter had gone for a psychic reading after he moved in, and the woman told her that she saw a young boy sitting atop a lotus blossom, holding a healing copper wand descending in a field of gold light. He extended the wand outward and said, "This is a gift from Merlin."

My friend called me to share the reading and we agreed that the boy was his son, the lotus symbolized creation and life, the wand from Merlin symbolized the Merlin's Realm wand I'd gifted him. He immediately got his wand and gifted it to his daughter, saying this is the copper healing wand from our Merlin and now it's yours.

She took it outside to a magical, old, gnarled tree in her yard, slipped it into a crack in the tree, connected with elemental, angelic and ascended master realms and asked that the wand be purified and upgraded for her, and left it there overnight.

Late that night the couple went into my friend's room and awakened him, saying that he had to outside immediately. He thought there was an emergency in the house. They took him to the tree - this is a rural, somewhat mountainous area - and he said the tree was covered with owls - 15 or 20 at least, all fluttering their wings and making sounds. It was the most profound experience he'd ever had, he told me.

We discussed the belief that when the owl calls your name, he comes to escort you home. He lived about another week or less. I know the wands are powerful and I wanted to share this mind boggling event with you. Even though we believe deeply in our work, it's so wonderful to have it validated once in a while. I love every single piece I've gotten from you and your team - they have a purity and simplicity that represents Spirit to me.

"Thank you - each of you - for all you are elevating individual and planetary energy doing work you love and believe in...your divine mission Namaste. With deep thanks," -Penny M