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Preventative Clearing Energy for stress, blood pressure, heart attack

Disclaimer: We do not claim to diagnose cure or prevent any disease or illness, if you need medical assistance seek the advice of a professional health care provider.


This covers introduction level energy healing basics for stress, high blood pressure, heart attack and brain aneurysm. While it would be preferred to be cleared by someone more practiced, something is better than nothing.

All of these conditions are related, and basically start from too much stress,

Chakras: In short, subtle energy centers outside the body that are tied to your health. The energy in these centers can become dirty and blocked. This article will work toward clearing out your affected energy centers.

For this condition:

Affected Chakras:
Solar plexus: Soft spot at the middle bottom of your breast bone
Heart: Where your heart is
Third eye/Ajna:  Middle of fore head and in between eye brows
Crown: Top of head


Why this happens:

Stress and lack of an ability to release stress causes your solar plexus to become contaminated and blocked, this will make you irritable and possibly violent. This mixed with emotional upset starts to contaminate and block the heart chakra. This with high blood pressure can cause a heart attack.

The solar plexus is connected with the third eye, when your solar plexus has been blocked and contaminated for a while it will start to send red prana (energy) to the head chakras. The head chakras cannot handle dirty red prana very well, this leads to constricted blood vessels in the brain and can lead to aneurysm. When I personally experienced this it felt like a hayfever or a head fever without any physical temperature change.


What you need to do:

Ideally, stress less, remove yourself from a stressful environment.
However, you likely already considered this, and are developing issues because you cannot get away from the stress.

When you start getting really upset, you have to take a break, remove yourself from the immediate situation and calm down. Your life and health are very important.

There is a good tea available for high blood pressure. Its not my favorite tea flavor, but drinking it daily will help with high blood pressure. 


Energy clearing:

Basic energy clearing is simple, focus your mind on the energy you dont want, grab it and dispose of it.


Go outside, dont do this in any place you spend a lot of your time. this is akin to don't crap where you sleep.

Solar plexus:
Think that you have red dirty mud in your solar plexus (which is outside of your physical body in energy form). Simply grab this energy with your right hand and throw it down to the ground. Do this ten times.

Heart: Next is clearing the heart. Do the same exercise that you did for your solar plexus, except with your heart. Throw away the pain, when energy is really contaminated you may experience sadness when you pull it out. Crying or a shedding a tear is normal.

Third eye/Ajna: Just as you cleared out your solar plexus and heart, do the same for the middle of your forehead. This time, focus more on pulling out red energy than red/mud.

Crown: Do the same as you did for the third eye, but on the top of your head.


Where to dispose the energy:
Anywhere outside is okay, sending it to a tree is one of the best options. Trees like what humans dont, what trees dont like humans do. (Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide as a prime example). When sending your unwanted energy to a tree, simply imagine that the tree will benefit from the energy. To send it to a tree, pull the unwanted energy out of your energy centers as were instructed above, and place the palm of your hand on the tree. 


As an inexperienced energy healer, you will want to do this exercise daily. Sometimes two times a day.

If you want to dive into this you can start practicing actual prana healing by purchasing a book called 

"Your hands can heal you" by Master Stephen Co

This system saved my ass from high blood pressure, and onset of heart attack and brain aneurysm. 

I performed one energy clearing then needed to perform it again 2 hours later. Then 2 more sessions 2 days later. This cleared up most of my issues. Light solar plexus clearing is all I needed afterwards.