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Suggested Reading Material

For Indigos:

If you believe you are an Indigo Child or an Indigo Adult, don't bother reading books about your spiritual family, write the books. Be the Indigo story, live the Indigo life. Its not always easy, but it is worth it. My suggestion is to read all other books on my reading list.

For Parents of Indigos:
Indigo Children books were written for you! It helps you to understand the different needs and actions of the Indigo Child. My personal advice to the Indigo Child parent, let them make their own choices, allow them to see what their choices bring. Treat them with intelligence, AT EVERY AGE! They will reflect this intelligence. Don't tell them they are crazy or nuts, they will see and understand things you may not. Many Indigos go through an awakening stage in which they start to see spirits, they are not crazy. At this stage they usually become very questioning of reality, they may not do it openly, but they will be questioning just about everything.

I'm sorry I don't have an Indigo Child parenting book suggestion (I was the Indigo child).


On the Subject of Magick:

"Solitary Witch" by Silver Ravenwolf
    This grimoire is quite thick and offers detailed information on many magickal subjects. Silver offers a few unique spells in her book that cannot be found elsewhere. I very much follow Silvers direction and understanding of magick. Her style is very light oriented, only offering vibration raising exercises, concepts and magick. This book covers a great deal of information, I am unable to list all subjects included. Overall, this is my top suggested book on magick to all new and experienced practitioners who don't own this book yet.


"Earth, Air, Fire and Water" by Scott Cunningham
   This is one of my favorite books on elemental magic, Scott does a great job of understanding the core of elemental magic and offers many exercises using various elements. To my knowledge, all spells within this book are unique and written by Scott Cunningham. A must have for any elemental magick practitioner.


On the subject of Spirit and Manifestation:

"Conversations with God" Book 1, 2 and 3. by Neal Donald Walsh
   This book series was written using a method called automatic writing, in which the instrument (person doing the auto writing) becomes a channel to another consciousness and writes without knowledge of what they are writing. In this case Neal has a conversation with God, or more specifically the version of the divine consciousness that resides within Neal's mind. Overall this is a very impressive set of writings, needed for any true scholar of the universe.


On the Subject of Spirit:

"The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield
   A wonderful spiritual read, introduces nine spiritual insights and four control dramas. I've seen people perform these control dramas nearly every day of my life, once I learned what they were, how they worked and how to diffuse them my personal power became my own, as I now no longer allow others to control my energy using such dramas.