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Merlin's Realm Is Not Just A Magick Supply Company:
Is is little known that in additon to being a magickal supply company, we are also a research company. We research gemstones, crystals, coils, geometry devices and magnets. Over the past 20 years of research we have made some profound discoveries.

What our research has discovered:
We have helped speed up recovery time with injuries. Helped to remove 80% of migraine pain, remove pain from titanium pins in the body, recover mobility and remove pain from surgery. These are just a few of the discoveries we have uncovered. And, we want to share them with you.


Research Requires Money:
However, research requires time and money. We would not have made it this far into research without your help. We have set up a subscription donation fund with Patreon, with just a small $5 a month subscription you can have access to "Merlin's Archives" a section of Merlin's Realm that we release our research findings, explain how the technology works and how to build it yourself.


Who is this for:

  • Anyone who wants to support research for drug free healing and health. 
  • Device builders, we will teach and offer DIY exclusive tutorials on our devices. Including devices we don't have time to build for the website.
  • Anyone who wants to learn magic and subtle energy. 

What do I get for my $5 subscription?

Access to our "Merlin's Archives", a section of our website dedicated to revealing our research discoveries. Info on how to build these devices yourself. Information on crystals, gemstones, subtle energy health and general magick and manifestation.

And, knowing that you are supporting a technology that can change the way people think about being healthy. 


We do have larger supporter packs that include free shipping, website discounts and priority crafting. 


 Merlin's Realm Research Support Page

About the Head Researcher: 

Casey Bopp:
I'll be honest, I've seen images of subtle energy devices in my mind since I was a young child. I have no idea where these images came from, but when I was old enough to start experimenting with them I would build a device and discover what it did. 

I am quite sensitive to energy, I was able to feel and sense subtle energy at a young age. This helped me discover and scan each device to find out what it did. 

Eventually, after the first decade of experimentation, I began to understand how the devices worked and started to design new devices myself. 

I have no idea where the original images in my mind came from. Even today I have many, many, many images of devices that I simply do not have the time or the money to experiment with. I have built and developed a business (Merlin's Realm) in which I can have access to lots of crystals, gemstones, raw metal and magnets. 

Now that Merlin's Realm is established I have the workshop and access to affordable materials that I need to continue my research. But with Merlin's Realm being as busy as it is I spend around 8 - 10 hours a day running the business. What I need is additional funding to hire employees to free up my time to research and experiment and for additional testing equipment.

Let us together change this world. Donate to Merlin's Realm Research.

Merlin's Realm Research Support Page