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Switch Wands Usage And Programming

Switch wands are high end original Merlin's Realm magickal tools. Due to the difficulty, amount of labor and cost only a handful of these wands have been made since 2003. These wands have gemstone magickal switches that activate an ability or spell when activated, each of these abilities need to be programmed by the user for the strongest effect. 

Core Exercises:
Each of these exercises are needed for advanced programming and activation of our switch wands. These exercises have wonderful energetic health effects as they open and allow you to channel more subtle energy.

Core Exercise Rooting: 
1. Become aware of the energy in your center.
2. As you exhale with your lungs imagine this energy moving from your center and out of the bottom of your feet. As it leaves your feet imagine that it turns into roots, growing deep and spreading.
3. Inhale with your lungs, as you do this imagine the roots pulling energy from their surroundings (just as tree roots would). As you continue to inhale pull this energy up through your feet and back into your core.  

When experienced you should feel a tingle at the bottom of your feet. Practice this exercise before moving on to the next exercise. This exercise gathers Earth prana. Whenever doing energy work it is best to use the energy around you rather than draining your own subtle energy reserves.  

Core Exercise Chakra Breathing:
Simple mechanics: If you inhale and focus your mind on a chakra you will draw energy through that chakra. Likewise if you exhale and focus your mind on a chakra you will send energy out through that chakra.
1. Perform the Rooting Exercise (Exhale and root, inhale and draw up the energy)
2. As you exhale focus your mind on sending the energy through the palms of your hands. You should not feel tired or drained after doing this. If you do spend more time practicing rooting.

Additional Practice: Not needed for wand usage, but it improves the overall energy condition of your body. Spend some time breathing in and out while focusing on the palms of your hands, pulling and pushing the energy in and out of your hands. Do this with your feet, hands, crown of your head and heart. Practice these exercises in short bursts at first, eventually you can practice for longer periods of time. If you feel tired or exhausted stop practicing and rest. Training and opening your chakras and energy meridians can be straining to the body. Like lifting weights, you can't get to your ideal condition in your first training session. 

Energy Channel Programming Part 1:
This exercise only needs to be performed once or twice. Each switch wand has already gone through this exercise performed by Merlin before leaving Merlin's Realm. However, additional exercises will only make the wand stronger and more open.

1. Perform Rooting exercise.
2. Perform Chakra Breathing exercise.
3. Inhale and draw energy from the Earth. Exhale and focus on your finger tips in your dominate hand, sending energy out of your finger tips.
4. Wrap your hand around the wand, allowing the energy tendrils to lay inside the wand. 
5. Focus on attaching the energy tendrils to any blockages inside of the wand
6. Pull your fingers along the length toward the tip of the wand, and continue past the wand.
7. Shake your hand downwards and imagine the tendrils shaking off.
8. Repeat steps 3 though 7 a few good times, the more the better.

Energy Channel Programming Part 2:
1. Perform Rooting exercise.
2. Perform Chakra Breathing exercise.
3. Place your index finger on your dominate hand on one of the gemstone switches. Inhale and draw energy from the Earth. Exhale and focus on sending energy through your index finger, into the gemstone, then into the wand. Repeat this step a few times.
4. Repeat step 3 for each gemstone switch on the wand.

Programming Independent Switches:
Choose a function for each gemstone. The functions can be chosen from the list of stones included in the description of your wand, or you can look up the metaphysical abilities of your stones from your favorite gemstone dictionary and choose from that information. It is helpful to choose an ability that is similar to the gemstones natural abilities. Your switch wand becomes much more powerful the more you perform this exercise. If you have the time, perform it a lot. 

1. Decide on the function of the switch before programming it.
2. Focus your mind on the result of the desired ability. 
3. Touch the gemstone with your thumb or index finger (whichever you feel more comfortable with). Focus on sending the mental image of the the desired ability from your mind, through your finger and into the gemstone switch. 
4. Spend some time performing step 2 and 3. 

Activation Of Switches & Wand Settings:
No Activation: If you don't activate any switches on your wand, it will use a little energy alteration from all of the switches combined. Useful for simple wand exercises.

Full Activation: Activate each switch independently, it will use the full amount of energy alteration from the gemstones. Useful for wand exercises that you want to have a lot of energy/power.  

Activate A Single Switch, Or A few: Activate just a single or a few switches, this alters the wands energy to be a mixture of the desired switch abilities.

To Activate A Switch:
1. Perform Rooting Exercise.
2. Perform Body Breathing Exercise
3. Touch the switch you wish to activate, as you exhale channel energy through your finger, through the gemstone switch and into the wand. Think the command to the gemstone "Activate!". 
4. Repeat step 3 for each switch you wish to activate.

Suggested Gemstone Definition Dictionary:
"Gemstone Bible" Series (3 books available) by Judy Hall