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Understanding Magic Scams and Real Magical Suppliers

There are a lot of magic scams existing in the world. This makes it quite difficult for actual magical practitioners to sell their wares. First I will cover the basics of a real magical supplier, then I will cover a number of common magical scams.


Real magical suppliers will sell physical products, and occasionally teach you about magic through literature. These crafters and suppliers are selling you a physical item, and usually charging you for their time and materials. In this case you are purchasing an "item".
Real magical suppliers will never sell "magic".

When you purchase a functional magical tool, you are purchasing a physical tool. The tool itself doesn't "do magic", it can however help you manifest your desire. 


A scam is defined as:
a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making quick profit; swindle.


If someone is selling you a magical result, most likely, its a scam.
In real magic results are personal. No one, regardless of their experience can sell you a result. 

At Merlin's Realm, we do our best to explain that you are purchasing an item, not a result. 
Please note that we do not claim our amulets are "magical" they are devices that work with what we believe is a bio magnetic field that exists within the body. If you purchase any of our amulets for a specific result, and you don't receive that result, please send them back for a refund. 

We fully believe that our coil amulets work on currently unknown particle physics, not based on magical principals. Even though you can use our amulets with manifestation.


Is Magic a SCAM?
This is quite a difficult question. Many people will use the unknown of magic to sell their scams. 
You could however use any unknown to sell a scam. Magic is greatly unknown so many like to use it to sell their scams. When people think of magic they think of Harry Potter and other various TV shows and movies. TV is fake, whatever they helped you to believe about magic is also fake. 

So, we have a unknown subject, that is often fantasized about. This creates a lot of confusion about the subject. 

Real magic actually means manifestation. Simply, put, to make something happen. This is what manifestation is. Is it real, absolutely. 

Is magic a scam? Not by itself, but it is often used for a scam.



Spell Casters for Hire SCAM:
Don't ever give anyone money to cast a spell for you. 

Spells work to change the casters mind about themselves or the environment around them, this helps the caster act and think differently helping them acquire that which they cast for.  When you have someone cast a spell for you in exchange for money it does nothing (but make them money).

If you have a friend that casts a spell for you (with your permission) out of the goodness of their heart, for free rather than greed then you have a good friend. These type of spells are helpful.

But, as an experienced spell caster I tell you, there is no reason you need to spend $200 or more on a spell, most spell materials cost around $1 - $10. Don't pay anyone to cast a spell for you, its a scam.


Love Spell Scam:
Love spells are one of the largest magic scams, they are praying on your hope for love.

Love spells are a dangerous game, if you ever have a spell cast on someone specific it will have negative consequences. Don't fall into any Love spell websites or their claims. Don't give them any money to cast any spells for you.  (See Spell Caster For Hire SCAM above)

There are ways to use manifestation to attract love into your life. But you are the one who does the attracting. 


The majority of psychics are not scam artists, their psychic skill and ability can come into question though. If they think they are psychic, and they actually are not psychic then they don't know they are a scam artist. 

Some psychics have great skill, and can offer real psychic readings. 

However, most people don't want a real psychic, they want someone to tell them everything is going to be okay, even when its going to be hard. This teaches real psychics to cold read and just tell you what you want to hear. 

Cold Reading Psychic: AKA Ego Feeder Tarot Readers:
Cold reading artists will take a quick glance at you and tell everything you want to hear, feeding your ego. Helping you believe everything is already great. 

I'm sorry to say, if you want things to be great, you have to think, grow and work for it. Ego feeder Readers are just there to feed you ego, they don't tell you the future.

Doom and Gloom Psychic:
These will usually be psychics charging very low prices for a reading, often charging you $15 for a reading. When they get you in, they sit you down and get a look of concern on their face. They start talking about the "dark aura" around you, talking about how bad things are about happen. They continue to explain that they can cast a spell for you to clear up your "dark aura", but the spell costs $200. (See Spell Caster For Hire Scam)


If you want to visit a psychic, understand what you really want:

Do you want to be told only good things? Then visit a fake psychic and enjoy your ego feeding. 

Do you want to grow? Then visit a psychic and understand you are paying for someones time to be a metaphysical psychiatrist.

Otherwise, work to create your future rather than pay someone to read what will happen if you don't try. I'll tell you for free, if you don't try, your future is going to suck.




At Merlin's Realm, were not here to scam you. We're here to educate you and supply you with functional tools, at a price rate which we can still eat.