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USPS and Merlin's Realm

If you were sent a link through email by us to this page, that would mean:
There is some problem with USPS and your package.

We're very sorry about this! We relate with your frustration, and would love to have a way to relieve your frustration and get your package at your doorstep very quickly. 

If you ordered in the USA, and you've been waiting 6 weeks since your package shipped, email us and we will fix it / discuss a solution.

Some of these statements are simple and pointed, I mean no offense with these statements, I just need to make them simple and clear


To be clear:
Merlin's Realm is a separate company than USPS. 
Once your package is shipped, it is out of our hands, it is in the possession of USPS.

At that point it's up to USPS to deliver your package. We can cast spell to speed up your package arrival, but that's the limit of our powers with USPS. 

We do not have any more information about your package than the tracking already provides.

Why is your package late? We don't know, contact USPS.
Maybe a storm? A forest fire? Or they're simply backed up? These are likely answers. 

Why does your package show it's still in Colorado? Likely, because it's still in Colorado, we have no idea what the holdup is. Contact USPS.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you contact USPS they say that we know more about your package then they do. How we would know more than USPS about a package in the possession of USPS, is beyond me. If anyone has a good answer for this, please let me know. 

What we know about your package is:
What's in it. 
When it was shipped.
The tracking number. 
Where it was shipped to.


We want, we really really want you to receive your package timely and safe. This is very important to us, but we are not a delivery company. With that said, there is only so much we can do once your package is out of our hands. 

If you would prefer to pick up your order in Colorado Springs CO, please let us know! 


Again, if its been more than 6 weeks after your package has shipped, and you live in the USA, please contact us, we will fix your order. At this point a full refund or re-shipment of your item is possible. Rest assured at this stage we will fix your order and make it right, before 6 weeks it's still up to USPS to deliver your package.

If we made a mistake with your order, let us know and we will fix it. 

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate you!

Love   -Merlin and staff.