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Bopp's Vortex Technology

Disclaimer: We do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease, if you need medical attention please seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider.
Our devices are designed to work with and treat the subtle energy body, these devices do not treat or work with the physical body.


The concept and usage behind using energy coils is actually quite simple. 
There are two basic types of coils.

Energizing Coils (Positive Coils, Yang Coils)
These coils project subtle energy, it may help to think of these like a sun constantly giving off light.

Draining Coils (Negative Coils, Yin Coils)
These coils pull in energy and break down the pattern of the energy to its basic parts, in other words it removes or banishes energy. It may help to think of these coils as a black hole pulling in light.



There are a large number of energetic conditions that proper usage of vortex technology can help to alleviate.  

To become experienced at using vortex devices you will need to understand when to remove energy from the subject, when to give energy to the subject, and when to do both. Additionally you will need to understand where to energize and where to drain.



Low Energy Condition:
This is a energy condition that affects the majority of us. Many of us work daily, have interactions with others and have personal tasks that require mental, emotional and physical energy. In other words, just about everything you do uses up personal subtle energy. With low energy you will feel drained (sometimes this happen around other people who steal your energy), you will feel overly tired and your chakras will not receive the energy they require to keep your body running healthy. 

With optimal energy (full energy but not overfilled) you will feel energetic, physically, mentally and emotionally. Your body will heal at a faster rate, and you wont feel drained when others take your energy.

The easiest is to wear a small necklace sized set of positive energy coils, we call these devices "amulets". All of our amulet coils will help with this condition, however the "energetic health amulet" is the strongest of the amulets. 

Warnings/Dangers about Low Energy Subjects:
There is no danger using small positive energy coils with low energy subjects. Since they are low on energy these coils wont overload them.

If low energy is the only concern do not use draining/yin coils on the subject, since they are low on energy taking away what little energy they have can be uncomfortable or painful.




Extremely Low Energy Condition:
Some people experience extremely low energy, often never feeling energized. 

These people need as much energy as you can give them. Wearing three positive coil amulets at once would be helpful. Treat entire body with large positive/energizing coils, 10 to 20 minutes of energizing will be helpful. Patient should feel positive results within moments. Regular energizing treatments are suggested, daily energizing is ideal if self treatment is possible. Weekly treatment with a vortex practitioner will suffice if daily energizing is not possible.

Warnings/Dangers about Extremely Low Energy Subjects:
Overloading an extremely low energy patient with positive/yang/light is either impossible or nearly impossible, these conditions have no risk of being overloaded. 

KEEP DRAINING/YIN COILS FAR AWAY. Taking energy away from an energetically empty subject is painful and harmful.