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What does a Magic Wand do?

Magic wands do not cast spells. Spells come from the caster, not the wand.

Magic Wands are magical tools that have two main functions.

To Focus Energy
When a magic wand is properly crafted and enchanted it creates an energy focusing tool. When a wand has energy channeled into it the wand will focus the energy into a beam that comes out of its tip.

To Empower The User To Do Magic
The most basic magical reason for a wand is that when picked up it tells the wizard now is the time to do magic. Magic, or as we like to call it manifestation creates largely based on our thoughts. If you magically created every thought you had, we would have problems. A Magic Wand solves this problem by allowing wizards to think about anything without their thoughts affecting the world around them (by not holding their wand). 

Think of it as a wizard has a "Magical Wizard" powered up state, to activate this state he must be holding his wand. When in this powered up state any magic or spells he casts will be more powerful than they would be without his magic wand.

Many spells can be channeled through a wand, to those who do not understand magic this may seem like the wand itself is casting the spell. But the spell itself is being cast by the user, not the magic wand tool itself. 

What Can You Do With A Magic Wand?
Well, as stated before, a magic wand is usually used to activate the wizards magical state of mind/being. When in a stronger magical state your spells and magic is more powerful.

The real question then becomes..

What Can You Do With Real Magic?
The answer to this question may vary with each wizard, what are their mental and magical limitations? Understanding magic is a relationship between each wizard and the universe. Each magical caster has to cast and discover what works and doesn't work for them. Some people have different abilities, and may be better at certain types of magic than others. But all of us are magical and have magical abilities. To truly learn about magic, you will have to learn to listen to the universe. Learn what magic doesn't work and what magic does work. 


When trying magic out for the first time, start small. Don't try levitation, well you can try it, but it wont work. Try to create a minor event or minor item in your reality.

Basic Manifestation Spell: Think of a simple item or an interaction between your family or with your pets. Like, your dog goes up and licks your sister, or you have a can of sprite soda (even though there is no sprite in the house).

Imagine that you are watching the minor event you have chosen, or that you are holding your minor item, then pick up your wand and channel the image into the wand, keep pushing the image into the wand. DON'T TELL ANYBODY YOU CAST A SPELL. At least, not until it comes true. Wait, it may take a few hours, or a day or more to manifest. If i hasn't happened yet, try casting the spell again. Be patient and wait until it happens. The better you get the faster and larger events and items you will be able to influence.