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Which end of the magic wand do I hold?

While our Harry Potter Style Magic Wands are obvious which end to hold (the handle) our Red Oak Gemstone Wands are less obvious.

Short answer: Our Read Oak Wands are designed to be used with both ends as the handle.

To use the magic wand as a wizards wand, often used to circle cast, open doorways and perform general enchantments. Hold the wand on the gemstone side using the wooden tip as your wands focal point. Using the wooden tip as the energy tip is useful for a long range beam projection.


To use the wand as a light worker or energy healer hold the wand by the wooden end, using the gemstone as the focus.

A crystal tip will focus the energy into a more focused and direct beam than the wooden end will, but using the crystal as the tip is much more useful for close range chakra and aura healing work. 

A sphere tip will project much like a flood light, the energy is not focused at all. This end is useful for gentle energizing and anything requiring a very gentle touch.


Wands with Fluorite:
Any wand with fluorite is useful as an aura cleanser. To use a fluorite wand in this way hold the wand by the wooden end, wave the gemstone tip slowly over and around the subjects aura (the energy around their body). For use the help with headaches, wave the wand slowly around their head.

Fluorite Red Oak Wand

Fluorite, Rose Quartz and Amethyst Red Oak Wand

Small Copper Energy Healing Wand

Medium Copper Energy Healing Wand