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Wholesale Magic Wands Bulk Buy Harry Potter Style Wands

Merlin's Realm offers wholesale magic wands, bulk buy of Harry Potter style wands, energy amulets and pendants. Since we craft many of our magic wands in our studio we can offer you unique wholesale magic wands for your retail store or website. 

Email us with your store name and tax id # for access to our wholesale website.

First wholesale order receives bonus product and free shipping.

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"We sold out of wands again. -You guys are so great. Thank you for the great customer service too." -Lauri - Under the New Moon-

"The wands arrived and they are just as nice as I remember the first ones ordered. I think they are going to ‘fly’J off the shelf. .. they are just wonderful craftsmanship. The lighter, finer way they are carved (the wood) makes them much more appealing the females in my store. I have been to other ... sites and find heavy stones and thick wood that are not well balanced and look awkward. The balance of the wands are just right and help woman pick out a wand/s the correct one that basically picks them out. I hate to use the Harry Potter story about wands but I believe that it is true that a wand picks out the owner.... Thank you again and I WILL be back for more." -Linda-