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18" Golden Ebony Grand Masters Wand

  • 20500

2016: Sold original for: $165

2019 Wand re-creation price: $205
2020: No longer available for re-creation.

This is a very special wand, carved from one single piece of ebony. Not only is raw ebony in this length quite expensive, it is also quite difficult to shape at this length. Ebony is much like carving and sanding stone. After a great deal of effort this grand masters wand has gracefully come into form, with an exquisite smooth finish, golden highlights and a spiral leather half handle.

Ebony is a wood that is suggested for experienced users. Ebony will manifest detailed thoughts, if you can focus well this will strengthen your magic greatly. If focus is not your best skill then Ebony can manifest your stray thoughts and have undesired results. Beginners should consider using Ash or Oak wands.

Wood: Ebony
Length: 18"
Other Materials: Leather, Synthetic Sinew
One Piece Construction: This wand is made from a single piece of wood. One piece construction is usually preferred over two piece construction because a single piece of wood can channel energy better than two pieces of wood. Many longer wands are often made from two pieces of wood due to the difficulty of carving 16" + wands. One reason why wands like this are rare.

Notes: Pouch and basic manifestation instructions included.