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Ash, Bloodwood, and Selenite Wood-burned Wand

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Ash, Bloodwood, and Selenite Wand

A delicate lace Mehndi pattern winds around this beautiful wand, highlighting fine flowers and dainty vines. Crowned with leaves and scroll work, the design blends the Ash and the Bloodwood together, unifying the different parts of the wand, much like nature unifies our lives.


Length: 17.5 inches

Wood: Ash Handle, Bloodwood shaft

Ash: Flexibility, filter for stray thoughts. Protection.
Bloodwood: powerful energy conductor, specifically internal personal energy

Selenite core: 3.5 inches of Selenite core within the handle. Selenite helps to energize, naturally cleanse and energetically connect the entire wand. The Selenite powder within the core touches and connects the Bloodwood and Ash, making this 2 piece wand resonate more like a one piece wand. 

Feeling an energy tingle in your hand when holding a Selenite core wand is common. 

Wood-burned elegantly with a Mehndi pattern. Quality balance point around 1" forward from the handle.

This wand would be very powerful for energetic healing of self and others in the hands of an experienced practitioner. It would be very useful for personal growth at any skill level.

Bloodwood is a powerful wood, and like Ebony, should only be used by those with good mental focus. However, the addition of the Ash handle creates a mental filter for stray thoughts (the wand wont manifest based on every thought, just the core intention behind the mass of your thoughts).  Meaning this wand is useful for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

To bypass the filter simply hold more of the Bloodwood shaft.

Additional Notes:

Strong tang style two piece construction, all natural clear finish. Pouch and basic manifestation instructions included.