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Ash Dragon Castle Wood-burned Magic Wand

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Ash Dragon Castle Wand

Deep in the depths of the castle, a dragon waits. The moon and stars shine through the castle windows, and the gate is closed. The dragon breathes it’s flaming spray, lighting the stone halls and warming those above. His eyes see from the highest towers, his tail winds through the lowest dungeons. He is power made flesh.


He is a guardian, a nurturer, and a regent, tending to those above him and whispering mystical truths his sleeping flock. When they wake, they continue to improve their knowledge, and he is content.


Length: 13.75 inches

Wood: Ash 
Ash is known for its protective properties. Ash is a fantastic wand for those without perfect focus, as it helps to manifest the core intention of your magical workings rather than every specific thought (stray or otherwise).

Notes: Wand Pouch and instructions included.

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, it's gone.