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astral Kyanite magic wand

Astral Traveler Kyanite & Amethyst Magic Wand

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2019 Wand Value: $225 (not planned for re-creation) 


Description: This wand is useful for astral traveling, contacting and reading from the akashic plane (plane where all knowledge of everything is held), safely channeling and spiritual growth in general.  

Based on the wand shape and stone location holding this wand your pinky finger wraps around green Jade and green Kyanite. 

Length: 16 inches
Wood: Yellowheart
2 Green Kyanite
2 Jade
9 Amethyst

Green Kyanite: Helps to connect with the higher level of the astral plane. Useful for contacting ascended masters and angelic beings.
Jade: Wisdom in tranquility. Relax.
Amethyst: Astral protection stone, protects your body from others spirits entering while astral traveling or channeling. Amethyst is a wonderful spiritual stone, allowing spiritual information to be integrated into ones life.


 Notes: Wand pouch included.