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Black leather face blank journal/grimoire $150

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Height: 6 inches

Width: 4.75 inches

Depth (thickness) : 2.5 inches

Weight: 21 oz 

Pages: 200

Paper: All parchment-colored linen (linen is the highest grade paper, but also quite expensive).

Leather: Deerskin. Very soft, and pleasurable to hold.

Cover: Quality plywood. Over-the-top durability.

Binding thread: Nylon cord.

Notes: The three thick raised bands on the spine are thick rope, the book pages are bound to this rope. In some books, the raised bands are added just for looks and don't offer anything to the structure of the book.  In this book, they're the real deal and make the book very structurally sound. 

Notes: This product is for the book only, additional items photographed are not included with this product.