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Bloodwood and Clear Quartz Crystal Magic Wand $120

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Wood: Bloodwood
Length: 13.5 inches
Stone: Clear Quartz Crystal (the largest crystal we have set into a wand to date)

Bloodwood is a dense and very powerful wand wood. It took quite a bit of time to sand this wand to a very soft and smooth finish. 

Bloodwood is a very strong wood for conducting personal energy, this wand is very useful for personal growth, moving energy through and out of the body, for manifestation, ritual and mental communication. Bloodwood often communicates with me loud enough that I ask it to keep its voice down because of how loud it is in my head (not kidding).

To ensure a very strong bond between the crystal and the wand wood both the wood and the crystal need to be carved in for the high grade two part epoxy to bond well, the crystal has a 6 pointed star carved into the base. While I was unable to photograph this, it can be seen when you look at the base of the crystal (through the crystal). Getting the crystal cut down and the wood to match took a good amount of time, but was worth it to ensure a very strong long lasting bond.

Wand Pouch included.
Made by Merlin.

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