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Chakra Multi Switch Maple Wood-burned Magic Wand

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Crafted during the Fall 2016 Equinox, this is a very special wand, it hold the balance of the Equinox yet demands power, both visually and in hand. 


Length: 16.5 inches
Wood: Maple
Stain: No stain.
Finish: All natural Saman clear finish

3 Obsidian stones, 2 Amethyst and 1 each of the others.
Obsidian(3): Healing of emotional and mental trauma in this and past lives.
1st Chakra Stone, Survival and Productivity, Balances Root Chakra
Carnelian: 2nd chakra Stone, Enables Sensuality
Citrine: 3rd Chakra Stone, Prevents overload, Solar stone, Balances Solar Plexus Chakra
Unikite: 4th Chakra Stone, Increased manifestation, Balances Heart Chakra
Amazonite: 5th Chakra Stone, Increases Self-Confidence, Balances Throat Chakra
Lapis Lazuli: 6th Chakra Stone, Opens and Balances Third Eye Chakra 
Amethyst(2): 7th Chakra Stone, Protects the body from spirits entering while astral traveling or channeling, Opens and Balances Crown Chakra

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold its gone.

Notes: Wand pouch and general magic/manifestation instructions included. Chakra Switch activation and programming available online only.


Chakra Switch Wand:
Switch wands are a Merlin's Realm original design. When the programming exercises has been completed one or more times a switch wand becomes a functional magickal tool with multiple abilities and settings. For a chakra switch wand 7 switches are available, one for each major chakra.

Chakra Activation Ideas:
Prosperity Spell: Activate Root Chakra Switch
Happy Spell: Activate Root, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra Switches
Receive Spiritual Information: Activate Crown and Third Eye Switches
Love Spell: Activate Heart Chakra Switch
Protection while Traveling Spell: Activate Root and Solar Plexus Chakra Switches
Increase Communication Spell: Activate Throat Chakra Switch


Full Chakra Switch Wand information available by clicking 
Switch Wands: Programming and Usage