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Ebony Crystal Leather Wrapped Master Wand

  • 10700

Length: 16.8 inches
Wood: Royal Ebony
Stone: Clear Quartz Crystal
Leather: Black Deerskin
Notes: Pouch included
ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, it's gone. ... However, this wand can be requested to be crafted in the future.

Ebony: Ebony is a very powerful wand wood, suggested for those who can focus on a single thought for 5+ minutes. Ebony manifests each thought with detail, not very useful for beginners. Very useful for experienced practitioners. 

Crafter Notes: I can't describe how excited I am about this wand, it feels fantastic, the leather is very soft, ebony is very smooth, crystal is located in a place where you can tough it while holding the wand. I think this wand deserves to go to a very epic witch or wizard, or get its own TV show... Epic... Wand....

Wizards mutterings: "Maybe I should keep this for myself...But I have enough wands... No, I can make more... Let it go..."

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