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EMF, De-Stress, Protection Amulet

EMF, De-Stress, Protection Amulet

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Made From: Copper,  Citrine, Shungite, Jade,  Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Amethyst.

We have discovered a very useful combination of gemstones. Originally combined to clear the body of EMF pollution, this combination also works very well to de-stress and relax even in tense situations. It also works quite well for protection.

Broad spectrum EMF clearing,  and broad spectrum protection: each stone works to protect and clear energy pollution in a different way. With 6 Stones this means you have 6 tools that are each clearing out a different unwanted energy and each protecting in a different way.  

Protects From: EMF energy damage,  psychic attack,  overwhelming situations, and spirit possession.


I am really excited about this combination of stones, the combination works exceptionally well together.  The design of the pendant encourages a protective bubble around the wearer.


Common Question:

Q: Is this better than your other EMF amulet? 

A: Well,  it does work with more stones, offering a broader type of protection.  But it does not offer the same amount of energizing coils. 

Bottom line: for protection and EMF clearing, this amulet is better.

For protection from energy vampires and EMF mixed with an energizing/healing effect our other EMF amulet is better.



"I am extremely grateful for this amulet! It has been exactly how you described it. Thank you."

-C. Faraday

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