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Energetic Health Amulet

Energetic Health Amulet

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Height: 1.5 inches
Width: 1 inch
Thickness: .5 inches

Materials:  Copper wire, clear quartz, Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal,Nickel plated Neodymium magnets.

Piece of Selenite for cleansing is included.

"Feeling is believing", when you feel the energy of this amulet for yourself, you won't need any convincing. 

Promotes general energetic health and increases overall energy levels, and in turn also promotes physical health and emotional health. The copper within this amulet helps to break through energetic blockages while the coils collect and project life energy throughout the body. Neodymium magnets have been purposely placed to increase the coil energy and power charge the clear quartz. In turn the clear quartz radiates life energy outward throughout the body to energize, circulate and balance the energetic fields. 

Instructions for use: Wear over your heart chakra (middle of chest) during normal use. Place on Selenite (included) to cleanse while not in use. It is suggested to remove this amulet before sleeping else you may be too energetic to sleep. This amulet is made with copper, clear quartz a Herkimer Diamond, and two neodymium magnets (plated with Nickel).

If you live close to Colorado Springs you should consider dropping by Merlin's Realm retail and testing the amulet for yourself! We don't want you to blindly believe these amulets work, we want you to try and feel the energy for yourself! 



Crafter Notes: 22g-86, 20g-22, 18g-16

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