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Fairy Queen Cherlindrea Style Magic Wand

  • 14700

Wood: Alder
Stones: Paula Shell, Opal.

For those of us who were into wizards in the 80's, this wand is styled after the Fairy Queen's wand in the movie Willow. The wand in the movie was very twisted and gnarled.

This type of wand takes time and effort to find a piece of wood that matches the shape, making the shape quite rare. Because of this, these style wands can never be reproduced. 

This wand is made from Alder found by Merlin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Dried for years in our magic wand drying racks. 

This wand has a notable fairy touch to it, with an amazing shape. With at least a couple of hand holds, this wand shapes and moves wonderfully forward, even after the multi directional shaft. 






This is NOT an official Cherlindrea wand, this is a wand created in the same style as the movie wand. Movie rights remain in the ownership of their respective owners.