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Garnet Master Dragon Talisman $795

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In 30 years of wire wrapping I have never seen anything like this. This dragon is something very special, any time I showed it off in a group their responses and wows would draw a crowd from strangers. 

The pendant is solid and strong, very quality wire wrapping. I estimate around 45 - 50 hours of wire wrapping went into this pendant.

Made from Brass, Copper, and Garnet with Hematite eyes.

A lot of garnet pieces are included in this pendant. Garnet metaphysically aids in visualizing what you want in life, and helps you get up and go get it.

For those of you who are aware of incarnate dragons, the wire-wrapper of this pendant is an incarnate dragon. I would suggest not cleansing this pendant as it is filled with channeled dragon energy. 

This amount of raw channeled dragon energy can be very useful for practicing astral dragon shape shifting. In this case, try to not drain the pendant of its energy, simply feel and experience it (so that the energy lasts a long while).


Because so much dragon energy went into this pendant from the crafter I feel its worth calling it a talisman.