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Gold, Silver, Tanzanite, Emerald, Peridot, Kyanite, and Amethyst Spiral Pendant

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Magnificent pendant for a divine relationship. But these stones are useful for so much more than relationships.

When I say magnificent, I mean the absolute best combination of stones for a balanced, working, and joyous relationship. Breaks through old issues, aids in communication, and encourages bliss in a domestic partnership. 

This combination also works very well for a meditation aid and works for self-growth. Aids in the ascension process.

Height: 1.5 inches. (36mm)
Width: 1 inch. (26mm)

Sterling Silver (.925%)
14k Gold Filled (14/20 Gold)


Tanzanite (Lavender-Blue Zoisite): Aids in deep meditation, helps with communication with being on higher astral realms such as angelic beings and ascended masters. Aids in raising consciousness, connection with the Akashic records and helps with inner journeys.

Emerald: Stone of communication, allows you to comunicate feelings of the heart. Great for relationships, brings domestic bliss and loyalty. Brings into balance the physical, emotional, and mental. Used for regeneration, and recovery from negative emotions. Enjoy life.

Peridot: Aura protection. Encourages growth. Neutralizes toxins. Releases old baggage. Alleviates jealousy, resentment, and anger.

Blue Kyanite: Great stone for calmness and meditation. Speak your truth, cut through fears and blockages. Breaks through illusion, anger, frustration, and stress. Connects with the astral plane, and aids in astral travel. 

Amethyst: Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Calms impatience. Balances and heals all chakras. Protects the physical body from entities while astral traveling. Allows spiritual growth at a stable pace. 

Created by: Merlin
Notes: Black Cord included, would look wonderful on a silver chain.
Chain not included.
The exact item is photographed.
Price is subject to change.
Moss garden not included.  :p
More can be made.