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Energy Healing Amulet Set (E-Health & E-Scrubber)

Energy Healing Amulet Set (E-Health & E-Scrubber)

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This is a very powerful healing amulet set, it includes two amulets, the Energetic Health Amulet, and an Energy Scrubber Amulet. 

Intended to be used in two stages:

All energy healing requires two stages, cleansing and energizing. 

Stage 1, cleansing:
 Wear both amulets included. In this stage the energy scrubber will drain and break down dense and unwanted energy. Touch the green side of the energy scrubber to your painful spot for precise energetic healing/cleansing pain relief. Has had noticeable effects on hip/joint pain, tense muscles, swelling and minor headaches*. This amulet should only be worn when you have noticeable energetic/health concerns (noticed by pain). 

Stage 2, energizing: After you have removed the majority of your painful, dense unwanted energy you will want to re-energize using the Energetic Health Amulet without using the Energy Scrubber. This stage will help you get back to a healthy energetic state. The energetic health amulet can be worn by itself daily with very positive results.

If/when pain comes back, start wearing and using the energy scrubber again.

The Energetic Health Amulet is made with: Copper, Clear Quartz, a Herkimer Diamond and two Neodymium Magnets.

The Energy Scrubber Amulet is made with: Copper, Selenite and Blue Goldstone.

Set of two Amulets, Energetic Health and Energy Scrubber
Easy to understand instructions included.


*We DO NOT claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention please seek the advice of a professional health care provider.

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