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Harry Potter Style Magic Wand

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Need a special gift for a Harry Potter fan? Imagine the surprise on their faces when you get them a wooden wand carved like Harry Potter's wand in the movie. Don't settle for a resin replica HP wand, those break too easy (and can't be used for real magic). Our HP style wands are made from wood, and they don't break when dropped (even after being dropped 100+ times). 

Length: 14 Inches

Wood: Surina

Wand Design: Very similar to the Harry's wand in Harry Potter.


Note: Wand pouch and wand magical wand instructions included.
This is NOT a licensed Harry Potter Wand, it is crafted from wood (unlike the resin replica HP Wands). This wand is simply crafted in the likeness of Harry's wand. All due respect to J.K. and her team.

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