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Hermione Style Light Vine Leaf Magic Wand

Hermione Style Light Vine Leaf Magic Wand

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This Light Vine Leaf Magic Wand is perfect for any wizard, not only useful for the child at play but also useful for the serious magic practitioner. Made from real wood, this wand is not plastic. This is not a fake wand, but a real magic wand. Your Merlin's Realm wand comes complete with a wand pouch, magic wand instructions and a Magic of Manifestation scroll (basic instructions on real magic). The Magic of Manifestation Scroll includes two real spells, a protection spell and a magic potion spell. Wand length ranges from 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches. Each magic wand is hand made and may vary slightly from the photo.

This wand is very similar to Hermione's Wand in the Harry Potter movies. This is not an official Harry Potter wand, those wands are made from resin, are quite fragile and quoted "not suitable as a toy". This all wood wand is suitable as a toy or as a magickal tool.