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Malachite, Lapis, Marblewood, Maple Inlay Magic Wand

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Wood: Marblewood, Maple
Inlay: Malachite/Lapis, Brass
Length: 15.75 inches
Weight: Medium/Heavy (60 grams) 
Balance: Good balance on a medium/heavy weight wand.  
Handle Grip: good balance while index and thumb are holding in front of, directly on,  and behind the large handle ball. 
One-of-a-kind: Once it's sold, it's gone. 
Creator: Merlin 
Created: October 2019
Finish: Clear coat Saman finish.

Malachite: Breaks through energy blockages. Malachite is basically Copper ore.

Lapis Lazuli: Balances and heightens third eye and throat chakra. Helps with psychic sight, and communicating mental and psychic type thoughts. This is a hard stone, and was not easy to crush for the inlay. 

Brass: Brass is an alloy of Copper and Tin. Brass is known to kill 99.9% of bacteria after 2 hours of contact. This wand is clear coated, so it won't be killing any bacteria, but it's energetic and healing energies are in the wand none the less.


Maple: Useful for moon magic, travel spells, decision making, dealing with change and spiritual growth. Element: Water

Creation Thoughts/Notes:

Stone inlay: Large thick chunks of Malachite surrounded by a fine Lapis powder. I was going for a look that is like a string of green islands in a blue ocean. 

Center Handle: Noticeably thicker ball handle than the rest of the wand. Holding and balancing on and around the ball is quite comfortable. Even holding behind the ball allows for a more forward heavy grip, which would throw the energy out of the wand.

3 Section Wand:
I am personally loving the design and balance of the 3 section wand. 
Glue: Tightbond II Wood Glue

Celtic Knots: 
Celtic knots to me represent threads of the universe, how many objects and energies are attached even though that are not in contact with each other. Working with the threads allows manipulation of universal energies. 

Green: Green in this wand represent growth. Working and feeling the finished wand I get a strong sensation of a deep dense forest. Overall I am very happy with outcome for this wand.