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Large Advanced Healing Coils, With Case

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After a great deal of development and testing we have released our most basic set of healing coils. Money back guarantee listed below.

This product includes:
1 energizing coil ring, 1 draining coil ring, 1 advanced coil case, 2 pieces of a single Selenite wand (both pieces are energetically connected to each other)

The rings are around 2.5 inches in diameter, and coiled with a clear coated non tarnish copper wire.

The natural color copper coil ring is the energizing coil ring, the purple/blue is the draining coil ring. Both are made with copper, we used different color coating to easily differentiate between the draining and energizing coils. 

What they do:
The draining coil ring will drain subtle energy away from the area that it is placed, and mildly from your entire system, likewise the energizing coil ring will energize the location it is placed and mildly energize your subtle energy system. When they are used together it will flush out blockages and unwanted energy from various locations (depending on the placement of the coil rings). 

One of the most simple methods of usage: Place the draining coil where the pain is and hold the energizing coil ring in the other hand. Keep in place until the pain is relieved. 


Its difficult to explain how useful these are. I usually let customers who are in pain try out the coils for themselves, this way the can feel the difference before they buy them. 

I intend to eventually get video testimonials connected to this page so that you can see the positive responses from their usage.


I personally suffer from occasional joint and lower back pain. The most useful treatment I can do is go to a chiropractor. After that the most help I have received is from using these healing coils. 

When my back is not doing well my lower back will tighten up and form a growing ache, eventually it can be quite painful and be very limiting to my activity. When I start to feel a mild ache I will spend 5 - 10 minutes with a draining coil directly on my lower back, and the energizing coil in my opposite hand. After 5-10 minutes my back pain is 95% relieved, and I notice a relaxed back with more mobility. I'm personally amazed at how much it relaxes my muscles. 

The pain relief lasts for 30 minutes after a 5 minute coil treatment and 1 hour after a 10 minute treatment. 

I have placed these into a back brace with all day pain relief. 

Now, we don't claim to cure, diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider. 

And, if you have back pain, visit a chiropractor regularly. 

I have noticed these coils work well with headaches, joint pain, relaxation and recovering fro surgery (the actual list is much larger, we just haven't discovered all of the uses for these devices).  


For those who are in pain we notice around 90 - 95% of them notice that these coils help with the pain.

For those who are not in pain we notice around 75% feel a tingling or heat sensation from the coils. 

Money back guarantee: Try these out for yourself, if you don't feel any pain relief or positive results within 1 week of using them send them back for a full product total refund (shipping is not refunded). 

We know that these devices work well, we want you to have access to their wonderful healing power. If for some reason they don't work for you, we wouldn't want you to pay for something that doesn't work for you.


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