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Merlin's 12" Power Pyramid

  • 17500

Base Width: 12 inches

Currently unavailable due to high workload

This pyramid is capable and set up to: Wear on your head for a meditation aid, charge up small objects in its included charging basket, charge water bottles as big as a gallon, transmit energy long distance, power up spellwork and manifestation, and charge and energize the room the pyramid is in.


Made to order: Please allow 4 weeks creation time before it's shipped


Shipping is included in the price.

Comments from customer:

This pyramid is an outstanding creation, a work of craftspersonship, a magnificence of technology produced by one person for directing energies using the mysteries of copper, crystal, magnetization and the pyramid ratio.
I am in awe!"      

Those who viewed it, even those who know absolutely no thing of such things, are in awe!

-Donald L.-

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