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Merlin's Starter Wizard Kit

Merlin's Starter Wizard Kit

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Physical Products Included:
*Blank Spell Book
*Foray Pen
*Clear Crystal Red Oak Magic Wand
*Wand Pouch
*Pewter Pendant
*Green Candle (for use with prosperity spell)
*White Candle (for use with healing spell)
*Ceramic candle holder
*White Sage Bundle
*White Sage and Dragons Blood Resin Incense

Instructions Included:
*Basic Wand Instructions
*Manifestation Instructions using Merlin's 9 Powers System
*Sage Smudging Instructions
*Blank Spell Book/Journal Instructions
*Energy Healing with a Wand

7 Spells Included:
*Wand Empowerment Spell
*Prosperity Spell, for use with green candle
*Healing Spell, for use with white candle
*Smudge Spell, for use with sage bundle
*Clear Out Unwanted Spirits Spell, for use with dragons blood/sage incense
*Violet Fire Protection Spell
*Heal the Earth Spell

 Who this kit is intended for:
This real wizard kit is intended for anyone interested in learning to be a real wizard, the material is best understood for those over the age of 14. This is not a plastic kit, the materials are genuine. Those who want to be real wizards tend to appreciate real tools. If you are looking for a plastic toy kit, this is not it. The kit is geared toward self help, being positive and creating your life using self manifestation, there is no scary occult or summoning practices suggested.

Why is the spell book blank?
Spell books and books of shadows originally came blank, spells that were learned by the spell caster were added to their private spell book. Since magic was often a secret practice spells were only self taught or exchanged when two like minded spell casters came together. Real wizards need to collect and record the spells they find, this blank spell book is the perfect place for a young wizard to collect their spells!

"Magic of Manifestation" is an information scroll about personal manifestation. It includes an overview of 9 magical powers used to manifest, magical lessons about thinking positively, speaking positively and consequences of actions. 

Suggested ages: 14 - 100
(simple and practical enough for young wizards but realistic and profound enough for adult practitioners)

Fire Warning:
Burnables come with this kit, a stick of incense, two candles and a sage bundle are included. Children under the age of 18 should have adult supervision while using anything burnable. No matches or lighters are included with the kit.


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