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Moldavite Oval Cut Silver Pendant #MPN1 $200

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Gem Size: 12.5mm X 9.3 mm
Pendant Size: 20.3mm X 9.3 mm
Metal: Sterling Silver (.925 Silver)
Pendant Weight: 1.9 grams

The chain pictured is not included, we have them available here. If you do not purchase a chain from us we will include a black cord with your pendant at no additional cost.
Our Sterling Silver Chains

We sell and offer only genuine Moldavite. We have been working with Moldavite for over 18 years and can clearly identify the difference between green glass (fake Moldavite) and real Moldavite.


Moldavite is a stone, unlike any others. It came to Earth as a meteor and melted with Earth in Czechoslovakia making Moldavite, a naturally occurring green glass. Moldavite has a buzzy strong feeling, which for those who are not used to it may take some time to attune or get used to. Once used to it, it's quite an enjoyable feeling. Moldavite has a way of raising your vibrations, activating your third eye and crown chakras. Through this process of raising vibrations, you may shed aspects of your life that no longer match your increasing vibration, such as poor or lower vibration relationships, jobs, or activities. Moldavite has been known to aid in telepathic communication and is commonly known as a transformation stone.

I've noticed that once someone gets used to a small piece of Moldavite they come back and want more, I've sold quite a bit of Moldavite to repeat customers. 

The common fear surrounding Moldavite I feel is overreactive, if Moldavite ever becomes too much for you to handle, simply take it off. It's that simple. I've been quite sensitive to Moldavite for a while and it never caused any unwanted life effects. Don't trust teens on TikTok talking about Moldavite, they simply don't have enough experience, and it won't kill your mother (TikTok vid). The stone is not toxic, it won't kill you, and any fear with the gemstone is honestly unfounded.