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Moss Agate Red Oak Copper Electro-formed Magic Wand

Moss Agate Red Oak Copper Electro-formed Magic Wand

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Length: 10 inches
Stone: Moss Agate (gentle physical healing)
Wood: Red Oak
Stain: Dark brown all natural Saman Stain
Wood Finish: All natural Clear Coat Saman Finish
Copper Finish: Renaissance Wax (Designed and used to protect the metal of the Crown Jewel collection in England)

Electro-forming: is a process of electrically releasing copper molecules from a sacrificial piece of copper and molecularly attaching it to the target, in this case the wand. This is a very time intensive process, this electro-form spent around 10 hours in our electro-forming bath.

PLEASE NOTE: The stone in this wand is very strongly attached to the wand, there is no flexibility. If a wand like this is dropped the heaviest part of the wand (the tip) is going to hit the ground first, if that happens the crystal is likely to break. This is not a wand for those who fumble with their tools. 

Energetically, having a stone attached like this is fantastic and desired by many wand users. Care when using wands like this is needed.


Electro-formed wands are a new style of wands, one I believe we started. I have been unable to find any serious electroformed wands online except for wands not used in magick (electro-formed glass dab wands). 




Wand pouch included.