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Nebula - Galaxy Magic Wand $47

Nebula - Galaxy Magic Wand $47

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Length: 18 inches
Wood: Maple Handle, Birch Shaft
Notes: Pouch included. Painted in nebula / galaxy theme.

Description: This long 18 inch wand is skillfully painted with a nebula theme, with a high gloss all natural finish. Some nebula's are star nurserys giving birth to new stars. The Nebula wand represents powerful stellar new beginnings and new creations. This wand would be popular among star seeds/star people and indigo's, those who feel more at home away from Earth. Whether you're from Earth or not, the Nebula wand is a beautiful and magickal addition to any magickal tool collection.  


Actual wand not pictured. Each wand is hand painted and slight variations are likely to occur. Actual wand looks much better than the photo. 

This wand is similar to one-of-a-kind wands as it is hand painted, but more than one of this kind of wand are intended to be made.