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One-Piece Solid Ebony Masters Wand

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2019 Wand re-creation price: $159


This extra long one piece solid ebony wand has a nice balance with a comfortable and smooth handle. Because of it's longer length and its heavy tight grained wood, this wand has a powerful movement balance (when you swish and flick the wands weight pulls the wand in the direction of your swish and flick), experienced wand users will love this added weight balance.

Length: 18 inches

Wood: Ebony (one piece construction)

Crafting Notes: Carving and shaping Ebony is like carving stone, its a very slow process. Lots of patience is required to work any Ebony item, especially one this long. The wand reminds me to remind you that patience will will be needed to work with it well. 

Long one-piece wands of 16+ inches are difficult to lathe, we have had to develop a special method of wand crafting in order to accomplish this. 

This wand has a very smooth sanding/finish (this took quite a while to accomplish).

Raw ebony blocks are quite expensive, many of the 18 inch ebony blocks cost $50 - $80, before we even start carving and shaping.

In short, these are expensive to make, difficult to carve, take a long time to craft and are made from a rare wood.

Notes: ONE OF A KIND, once this wand is sold, it's gone. Wand pouch and manifestation instructions included.