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Opal, Ebony, Sterling Silver/Copper Pendant $139 #IP02

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Stones: Opal
Wood: Ebony
Metal: Sterling Silver, Copper
Height: 4.6 cm (1 7/8 inches)
Width: 3.5 cm (1 3/8 inches)
Weight: 8.8 grams
Crafted by: Merlin

Opal: Stone of Solar Plexus, Heart, and Crown Chakra. Great stone for rebirth, new beginnings, regeneration, and transformation. Aids in psychic abilities and connection with cosmic consciousness. 

Ebony: Powerful wood for manifestation, useful for defense and protection. Helps to reach the deeper aspects of the mind. While Ebony aids in quick and powerful manifestations it also allows relaxation while being patient amassing power. 

Copper: Helps break through dense energy blockages in the body's energy field.
Silver: Healing, the metal of the psychic mind.

Chain is not included, we have them available here. If you do not purchase a chain from us we will include a black cord with your pendant at no additional cost.
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