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Purple Glass Pyramid (small 2 inch base)

  • 1995

Charge up your gemstones and small items with purple pyramid energy. Colored glass does not generate colored energy on its own, but when you combine a subtle energy collector (like a pyramid) and colored glass you get a device that actually produces colored energy. 

What is colored energy good for?

Colored energy is consumed and will charge up the matching chakra. Purple prana, which is collected by this pyramid is very benificial for boosting your crown chakra. Anything you charge up in the pyramid will have additional purple energy within it, you can charge any small item, a ring, a necklace, a set of earrings. These items will boost and energize your crown chakra while you wear them.

Size: 2 inch base, built to the golden ratio matching the Cheops Pyramid at Giza.
This ratio is quite important if you want a pyramid that resonates a healing energy for humans, since the golden ratio is a healing frequency for humans.

One side of the pyramid opens up as a door and wants to close on its own.