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Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Maple, Brass Inlay Magic Wand

  • 10500

Wood: Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Maple 

Inlay: Brass

Length:15.5 inches

Weight: 44.9 grams (medium weight)

Balance: Perfect balance in a light/medium weight Wand,  easy to move and direct. 

Handle grip: good balance when index and thumb grip just in front of the rose ball in the handle. 

Crafter: Merlin

Created: October 2019

Purpleheart: Color gets permanently darker purple from light. 

Midnight black magic wand with a deep golden color shift, shimmers as you move even slightly, very beautiful effect. High polish real brass inlay in the handle. 

The center handle section is made from combined Bloodwood,  Maple and Purpleheart banded with brass. Bloodwood is magically good for manipulating internal energy.  Purpleheart gets darker the longer is stays in the light,  making it good for growth and development.