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Recover from Trauma Amulet

Recover from Trauma Amulet

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We acknowledge the great need for trauma survival and recovery on the planet, and we are very excited to offer a amulet with a high functionality that helps so many aspects of trauma survival and recovery.

We have seen a very high demand for this amulet. We're trying to keep them in stock.


This amulet is designed to: Survive through trauma, work to get away from trauma sources, recover from past trauma, and to help handle PTSD trauma days. * With an emphasis on survival and prosperity.

Garnet: Survive. Visualize what you want in life, get up and go get it. Prosperity. 

Carnelian: Self esteem, feel good about yourself.

Black Tourmaline: Purify unwanted energies.

Lapis Lazuli: Regain a feeling if control in your life. 

Hematite: Ground out unwanted energies and maintain a grounded mindframe.

Blue Goldstone: Transformation, and ambition.


Selenite cleansing/recharging stone included.


Instructions: Wear as needed.

Place on selenite daily or twice a week for at least 12 hours to recharge the amulet. 



* If you need psychological help, seek the advice of a professional therapist. We do not claim to diagnose or cure any mental disorders.