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Stellar Galaxy Magic Wand $65

Stellar Galaxy Magic Wand $65

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Length: 14 inches

Wood: Birch

Notes: Wand pouch included.

Description: This wand has been skillfully painted with a galaxy, Earth, Sun and Moon theme. We have a very small batch of these wands, all look very similar to the photo wand. 

Each planet is skillfully painted, the Earth like planet is painted with green landmass, blue oceans and white clouds (it's Earth like, not pained exactly like Earth). 

With many magickal disciplines we work with the Sun, Moon and Earth planetary bodies. This wand allows a fantastic and personal way to be in touch and work with these massive powerful planets. 

Merlin's suggestion for enchantment: Focus on the energy of the sun while holding the sun part of the wand, pour images and energy of the sun into the wands sun. Best done in the actual Sun light. Under a full moon, charge the moon part of the wand by blessing it with the moons light. Bless the earth sphere in the wand with Earths energy, spending time feeling and joining with our great Earth mother, then pouring this energy into the wands Earth sphere.

Please note: Each wand does not come pre enchanted, leaving the details up to the user.  

LIMITED EDITION: This wand is from a very small batch of similar wands, we only have a few in stock. Once they're sold, they're gone. We may or may not make more depending on artist availability.