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Violet Amethyst and Obsidian Healing Energy Wand

Violet Amethyst and Obsidian Healing Energy Wand

  • 10500

Length: 9.5 inches
Metal: Copper
Stones: Obsidian Egg, Amethyst Crystal Tip, 2 Citrine, 2 Moss Agate, 3 Clear Quartz.

Royal Purple Ribbon: Emotionally Cleansing, Protective.

Description: This is a wonderful healing wand, the obsidian will pull grief which is cleansed in part by the purple ribbon. The Citrine allows for stability and protection from overload, the Moss Agate offers a gentle physical healing, and the clear quartz allows for an open full spectrum of energy to move through the wand and person being worked on. The Amethyst helps to balance all chakras.

This wand is perfect for a healer or for someone wanting to learn and practice physical, emotional and mental self healing.

Wand pouch included.

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, it's gone.