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Violet Fire Ash Wand

Violet Fire Ash Wand

  • 3900

Length: 13.5 inches
Wood: Ash
Stain: Purple Stain
Finish: All natural Saman clear coat
ONE OF A KIND: Once its sold, its gone.
Violet Fire: Emotional cleansing, protection from spirits, protection from harmful energy coming your way. Violet fire can be used to protect yourself or a loved one, it can be used to heal emotional or dense energy trauma, it can be used to heal the dense emotional energy of enemies so that they will no longer wish you harm. 

Note from Merlin: I have been using violet fire energy for the past 30 years of my life, and it has been by far the most powerful tool I have ever came across. I am attempting to add a line of Violet Fire products and Violet Fire information to the website over the next couple of months.

Chant to empower this wand:

Violet wand of Violet Fire
The purity the Source desires
As the violet fire burns
A new energy will begin
A brilliant divine light is filled within


Repeat for 5 minutes to complete empowerment. Further empowerment will make the wand stronger.