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Merlin's Full Library 49 E-Books Bundle $245

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This is a digital product, it is NOT a physical item. You will receive a download link when your purchase is complete. Immediate download, no waiting.

This product is for fourty-nine E-Books, all in .PDF format bundled together in a .ZIP file. The entire Merlin's Digital Library Collection.


These books are a collection of works from many different authors with over 2500 pages in the entire collection.

If each e-book was valued at $5, the value of this collection would be $245.

Colection Size: 23 MB

E-Books included are:
A True History of Witchcraft
Alexandrian Book of Shadows
An Introduction to the study of the Tarot
Arbatel of Magick
Astral Plane
Attraction Awareness
Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
Book One of Wicca
Celtic Religion
Charmed Book of Shadows
Ultimate Guide to Crystal Healing
Harnessing Crystal Healing Energy
Gardnerian Book of Shadows
Guide to Affirmations
Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-Telling
Herbs and Their Magickal Properties
Legends of the Gods
Magic and Witchcraft
Magick - Sword of Moses
Magick - The 1st Book of Occult Philosophy
Magick - The 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy
Magick - The 3rd Book of Occult Philosophy
Magick - The 4th Book of Occult Philosophy
Magick - The Order of the GBG
Manifestation With Visualization
Mysteries of the Druids
Numbers - their Occult Power
Sacred Text of the Wicca Religion
Second Sight
Simplified Scientific Astrology
Spell Caster
Tarot Readings for Beginners
Tarot Card Readings and your Destiny
The Basics of Magick
The Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Greater Key of Solomon Book 1
The Greater Key of Solomon Book 2
The Greater Key of Solomon Order of the Pentacles
The Necronomicon Spell Book
The Truth About The Masons
The Hindu Yogi Science of Breath
The Ultimate Crystal Healing Guide
The Zen Philosophy 
Wiccan Healing Spells
Wiccan Magick Spells
Wiccan Protection Spells
Witchcraft and Medicine