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September Week 2 Workload

Posted by Casey Bopp on

We were quite slow for the last two weeks of August, September is usually quite slow for us (we jokingly call it our Ramen noodle month). So, around the first of the month I cast a prosperity spell (the one included in our wizard kit) on a green candle and burned the candle. 

Well, the spell worked, and now we're a little behind. 

We will be working through our orders as quickly as quality control will allow.  Amulets, pyramids coil sets and custom copper wand orders need to be crafted and may take some time to complete. All other wand orders usually ship quickly.

Wait time for pyramids, amulets and custom wands is currently around 2 weeks plus shipping time.

As usual, if you need your order by a specific date, please let us know (hopefully at least one week in advance so we can have time to allow the post to deliver it).


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