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We are scrambling to keep up - buried with orders

Posted by Casey Bopp on

The short: Wait time: Unknown




The long:

Thank you for all of your wonderful support! You are all greatly appreciated.

We are getting buried with wand work. 

Wholesale orders: We have over 200 wands on order.

Amazon: Requesting 600+ wands

Retail Website: 28 orders on the board

Retail store: One moment, someone just came in, I need to tend to them, I'll finish this blog afterwards.

Custom orders: Ohh goodness, I still have custom orders to make! 

Emails: Umm, I'm very sorry for our very slow reply time right now.

I have a great Oak blank woodworker, a great  shipper, and a great wire-wrapper. Plus myself, we are all being very diligent and we are doing our best to keep up with up with everything.

Pyramids and hard to make items are currently not available online. All existing orders for pyramids and coil devices are still good, it's just going to take a while to complete them.

Expected wait time: Could be soon, could be later. This is the most vague wait time we have ever posted. Thank you for your understanding.


-Casey Bopp (Merlin)

Merlin's Realm 



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