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The Month of May wait times

Posted by Casey Bopp on

I'll be frank. We are very busy with orders right now. 

Fast wait time: 7 days + transit time
Slow wait time: 30 days + transit time

As of the 10th: I'll be shipping 7 of our 28 orders, with the oldest order being made on the 11th of April. (around 30 days wait time)

With that said, the slowest your order will go out will be around 30 days. Fast orders usually ship in 7 days or so. 

We are working very diligently to catch up. Your patience is greatly appreciated. 

Additionally: Many of our online shoppers may not know that we host a booth at our local Territory Days in Old Colorado city on Memorial day weekend. If you are local to Colorado you should stop by and come see us and the festivities. All of Merlin's Realm employees work around  42 hours each in 3 days. The day after the weekend is designated for all employees to sleep and rest. The day after that is designated for cleaning up our retail shop. Then the day after we pick up online orders and crafting again.

In short this means that we will be additionally busy this month.

If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know and we will do what we can to get your order out in time. 

Thank you everyone for your support, the magick of Merlin's Realm is growing quite a bit this year. Many blessing to all of you, I greatly appreciate your existence. You are loved.

Free Spiritual reminder: Tell your water you love it before you drink it. This has profound health benefits



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