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Clear Crystal Hardwood Magic Wand #W12

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This wands comes with a choice of Red Oak or Purpleheart wooden shaft. 

Clear Crystal Magic Wand, wire wrapped with tarnish resistant copper wire. Clear quartz crystals are universal wand tips, they can be used for any purpose or energy/color spectrum. Clear crystals offer clarity and focus. Clear Quartz absorbs stores, transmits, charges, intensifies, releases and regulates energy of any color/frequency.

Red Oak:
Oak is considered to be one of the most powerful sacred druid woods. Oak is known for adding longevity, endurance and protection to the users magical workings. Our Red Oak wands have a dark brown stain and an all natural clear coating.

Purpleheart is the most purple of all natural woods, it is known to be used for divination, creativity, spiritual and physical healing. 

A Purpleheart Wand develops, it doesn't start in the world in perfect condition, it needs to warm up to it. The Purpleheart wand reminds us that we need warm up, train and perfect our abilities, we don't start out perfect in any skill or magickal ability. It reminds us that what's important is who we are now, not who we were. It aids with transition, spiritual development, and helps with physical healing when regular health exercises are performed.

 This amazing wood looks like a creamy brown when first carved, as it spends time in the sun it turns into a beautiful purple, it then will keep or deepen its color from that time on. We already age our purple heart wands in a pyramid in the sun, they take around 2 weeks sitting in the sun to reach full color. You can further age your wand to possibly enrich its color even further by allowing the wand to spend some time in full sunlight, If one side is more of a creamy brown than purple that's the side that needs more sun. When it no longer deepens in color it has reached it's final color stage.

Length: 10" - 10.5"
Stones: Clear Quartz Crystal
Wood: Choice of Red Oak or Purpleheart
Metal: Copper (Copper helps to break through energy blockages, useful for healing and overcoming barriers). Made with tarnish resistant copper wire.
Stain Color: Brown
Notes: Wand pouch and gift box are optional.


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