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Clear Crystal Oak Magic Wand (brown shaft) #W12B

  • 2095

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This wand comes with an Oak wooden shaft and choice of Copper or Sterling Silver. 

Length: 10" - 10.5"
 Clear Quartz Crystal
Copper (20awg) or Sterling Silver (22awg):

Clear Quartz:
Clear quartz crystals are universal wand tips, they can be used for any purpose or energy/color spectrum. Clear crystals offer clarity and focus. Clear Quartz absorbs stores, transmits, charges intensifies, releases and regulates the energy of any color/frequency.

Oak is considered to be one of the most powerful sacred druid woods. Oak is known for adding longevity, endurance, and protection to the user's magical workings. Our Oak wands have a brown stain and an all-natural clear coating.

Copper breaks through energy blockages, useful for physical healing and overcoming barriers. Made with tarnish-resistant copper wire.
Silver is the metal of love, emotions, the psychic mind, and emotional healing. Silver brings patience and perseverance to the user. Amplifies gemstones.  

Notes: Wand pouch and gift box are optional.



The kid story of the Clear Crystal Oak Magic Wand:
Adults: Take it or leave it.

Do you have an idea how boring it is to be a stick? Outside of being tossed off a bridge into water or being used to hit random objects till you break there isn’t a lot to the existence of a stick… and even then, those outcomes seem like something one should avoid. I just lay there. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. Moon comes up, the moon goes down. Sometimes your day will really be spiced up and a deer might pee on you or a mouse might chew on you for a bit. Such is the riveting day-to-day adventures of a stick.
Now TREES! I remember being part of a tree once. I remember when the sun rising meant something! The feeling of our leaves absorbing the light of the sun and of our roots drawing up water from the earth; mixing and turning until we made… ENERGY! Not just make it, we moved it. Back and forth across the tree, up and down, until every branch was fed and the tree as a whole thrived! But nature has a course and a cycle. Eventually, my leaves began to wither, and less and less energy and nutrients made their way to me. Until one day I just… fell off. Bald, dry, useless, and most of all bored! I had become a stick. Yahoo.
My conversion to stick-dom did teach me one thing though: things always change whether you want them or not, and sure enough, they did. I found myself getting picked up by some scraggly fellow in a violet robe. Expecting my impending doom at the hands of this charlatan I couldn’t help but imagine what horrid fate awaited me. Would I be thrown into a fire? Snapped into little pieces for fun? Given to an equally icky child and find my way into its left nostril? Bracing for the worst I was shocked to be placed in the pocket of this strange man quite gingerly.
After that, I remember lots of dark and a piece of pocket lint that wouldn’t stop touching me, but eventually, I was indeed pulled from my pant prison. What I witnessed when released was so, so much worse than I imagined! There were saws, knives, chisels, grinders! This man surely meant to torture me. Once again he handled me softly, but I wasn’t fooled, we drew closer to a saw; this would be my doom, DOOM!
However, the roaring blade of the saw never met my twiggy self, only some soft sandpaper. My scratches and chew marks were gently rubbed away until I was smooth and straight. Feeling naked after the removal of my worn grey bark, he stained me brown giving me the appearance of my younger branchier self. Then he introduced me to a rock, a very special rock, one I had never seen before. It was pointed and perfectly clear. While it was a very pretty rock I have to admit I tried my best to give the purple-robed deviant a splinter as he bound it to me with metal, but alas I had been insidiously sanded.
Once he was done binding me, something quite curious happened. For the first time since I had fallen from the tree, I felt energy! It was weak, but I could feel the energy moving from me to the stone, it focusing on the rock, then moving back. It felt… good! For the first time, I noticed the robed man’s face, and he was smiling down at me. He gently picked me up again and put me in some strange metal contraption. As he left me there I felt more and more energy pass through me, getting stronger until the clear stone above me and I were one. It was like being a tree again!
The man who brought me to this place said I was a wand. What a funny word… wand, it sounds like the noise a duck makes when it trips. But I am now for moving and directing energy, not just from me but through me. Through you, actually. You see my scraggly violet friend did tell me one more thing. That I am here to help you do amazing things, and that it will be far more fun than being a stick.


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