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Manifest Your Reality Unikite, Amazonite and Clear Crystal Magic Wand #W32

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Wand of Manifestation, Manifest your Reality, Wand of Creation, it goes by many names, but it has one simple focus. Make it happen.

Adds raw manifestation power to your spells and energy workings. Aids in self-confidence and clarity of thought.

Amazonite: Self Confidence gemstone (which helps with your manifestation).
Unikite: Aids in manifestation.
Clear Crystal: Focuses and helps to materialize your manifestation.

Length: 10.8 inches
Stones: Unikite, Amazonite, & Clear Quartz
Wood: Red Oak (from northeastern USA)
Metal: Copper (Copper helps to break through energy blockages, useful for healing and overcoming barriers). Made with tarnish resistant copper wire.
Stain Color: Green
Notes: Wand pouch and gift box are optional.