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Psychic Clairity Moldavite & Clear Crystal Oak Magic Wand (brown shaft) #W18

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Aids in telepathic communication with sentient beings. Also aids in opening your third eye. Increases your powers of observation and promotes clarity of thought. Moldavite is a powerful telepathic and transformation stone. It carries high vibrations which can shed lower denser aspects of your life.
Note: Moldavite is a rare and expensive gemstone. We only use genuine Moldavite. Merlin has been working with Moldavite for over 20 years and is sensitive enough with it to know the difference (green glass feels nothing like real Moldavite).

This wand comes with a choice of metal, tarnish-resistant copper, sterling silver (.925 silver), or 14k gold filled (14/20 gold). 

Copper breaks through energy blockages, useful for physical healing, and overcoming barriers. Made with tarnish-resistant copper wire.
Silver is the metal of love, emotions, the psychic mind, and emotional healing. Silver brings patience and perseverance to the user. Silver and Moldavite amplify the psychic aspects of Moldavite, working to aid in psychic awareness.
Gold is the metal of wealth, high frequencies, and carries the same vibration as biophotons (the particles of light that are in living tissue). Gold working with higher frequencies, sheds lower denser energies, making it useful for rising above the difficulties in life, both internally and externally. Aids in the ascension process. Since it works with biophotons so well, it is also useful for healing and energizing subtle energy within and around the body. Amplifies gemstones much more than silver.
Gold and Moldavite is a very powerful combination, both amplify each other. Powerful transformation into a higher vibration of being. Great for transformation magick, dispelling old unwanted energies you target with your magick, and bring in new higher vibration energies.

AWG: Means American Wire Gauge. 20 AWG is thicker than 22 AWG.

Oak: Oak is considered to be one of the most powerful sacred druid woods. Oak is known for adding longevity, endurance, and protection to the user's magical workings.

Length: 10.5"
Stones: Moldavite & Clear Crystal
Metal: Choice of Non-Tarnish Copper, Sterling Silver (.925),  or 14K Gold Filled (14/20)
Wood: Oak 
Stain Color: Brown
Notes: Wand pouch and gift box are optional.